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Custom Wedding Monograms

Imagine your names, your initials, and your custom wedding monograms date shining with elegance on the center of your dance floor or on a wall for everyone to see… Custom wedding monograms are a simple, yet elegant touch that can add a whole new level of personalization to the design of your custom wedding monograms or special event.You choose your custom design, your fonts, and your text from our selection of custom monogram designs below. If you want to be different, this will make your statement. Color images, even recreations of photos, logos, and more are available for an additional charge. Take your custom wedding monograms to a whole new level, let us know what you have in mind and we will provide you with a quote.

Rent a Photo Booth, Michigan Photo Booth rental, rent Photo Booth for Wedding

Location of your monogram really depends on the venue layout. The dance floor allows for a great first impression with guests because it is typically empty during guest arrival, cocktail, and dinner. However some venues fill the dance floor with tables for dinner and after your first dance we will pack your dance floor, the monogram will no longer be visible. We suggest projecting your monogram on a wall as it will be visible throughout the entire event.

The custom monograms can be added to any package. You must submit your custom order a minimum of three weeks before your event date to insure the quality. The price starts at $200. This includes artwork with proofs and equipment setup. The price provided above is only valid if added to our DJ, Up Lighting, or Photo Booth packages. The cost without and other service is $425.

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