Photo Booth Rental Tips

You already know that photo booth rentals in Detroit Michigan are popular for weddings, school dances, graduations, class reunions, corporate events, and many other event types. You might be looking for a few tips on renting a photo booth for your event. We want to make sure that all of your guests have the best time ever! Here are 10 photo booth tips to help for your upcoming event in Michigan.

1. Rent a Photo Booth- Do Not DIY

Setting up a DIY photo booth or a simple photo opp for guests to use their phones might seem like a great way to save a few bucks on an already pricey event, but the money you save is rarely worth the extra hassle. When you do a Photobooth yourself, you are responsible for everything: setup/takedown, troubleshooting, breakdown, and making sure the printer has enough paper. Your guests may not even use the booth or photo opp. With our professional photo booth rental, you get an attendant to take care of all that for you, plus tidy the props table throughout the event, organize the line, and encourage guests to visit the booth. Your event is worth having a professional provide the photo booth rental.

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2. Type of Photo Booth

Photo booths have come a long way!  There are several different styles, features, and colors that will either add or take away from your experience. Take some time to think about exactly what you want out of your Detroit photo booth experience. Are you set on the classic inclosed private style Photo Booth Rental, an Open Air Photo Booth Rental that can fit a larger group of people, or even an inflatable Photo Booth? Is it important that your guests share the photo booth images at your event?  Spend the time to research your options now will make sure you get the perfect photo booth rental for your event.

Example of enclosed Photo Booth Rental in Detroit MI, Photo Booth for rent in Michigan
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Example of Modern Open Air Photo Booth Rental Detroit Michigan

3. Cheap Photo Booth Rentals

This is one of the most important photo booth rental tips because the company that you use can have a huge impact on your photo booth experience. A low price rental for a photo booth could indicate a newer (less experienced) company, poor quality cameras, a bargain package with nothing else included, or even a lack of insurance. Stay away from any company that seems to charge way less than the competition. As you collect quotes, make sure to ask what is included with every rental so you can compare the packages for each photo booth rentals.

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4. Timeline

Most commonly rented photo booths are four-hour durations, however, we do offer photo booth rentals as little as 2 hours. Rather than starting your rental period at the beginning of your event, think about your timeline first. Most people choose the last 4 hours of the event. For example: If you’re planning a wedding, you might have the photo booth rental start halfway through dinner rather than the start of the cocktail hour. You won’t have to pay for an unused hour or add-on an additional hour just to keep the party going when you choose a wedding package with one or more of the other services we offer. However, if you know your reception is going to go late, consider paying for some additional time. Most photo booth companies have an additional charge for an hour past the official rental period. The extra cost might be less than you thought and well worth it.

Modern open air Photo Booth, Photo Booth for wedding, Wedding Photo Booth

5. Get The Memory Book

It’s always nice to rent a photo booth to capture extra images and entertain your guests, However, how do you get to enjoy all those photos taken if the guests are taking them home? Sure we will provide a USB drive at the end of your event so you have the digital photos, it’s not quite the same as having a memory book. Have the Photo Booth attendant place a copy of each photo into your memory book and the guests can sign or leave a message. Most of our customers enjoy having the photo booth book instead of a standard guest book. You get to see all the fun they had in the photo booth and read all the messages next to there photo strip, It’s a great way to see for yourself what a great time your guests had. Most photo booth rental companies offer a photo booth memory book as an add-on to their packages. We offer 3 different options of memory books standard, premium, and event a custom book.

Memory Book for photo booth, Photo booth extras

6. Venue Layout

Consider where your rented photo booth is located within your event space, it can have a huge impact on you and your guest’s experience. You want your guests to use the photo booth more and get the most out of your investment. If possible make sure your photo booth is in the same room as your main event that’s taking place. That being said, keep the booth close enough to the action that it won’t be neglected all night.

Photo Booth Green screen for party, photo booth for graduation, photo booth holiday party in Metro Detroit Michigan

7. Digital Photos

Some photo booths offer physical photos only and some offer both digital and physical photos. Some photo booths like our modern booth even offer animated GIFs or slow-motion videos. With digital images, you’re able to share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, send an email, or text. With a physical photo strip, you won’t have to scroll through thousands of photos in your camera roll to find it. Make sure to look for a Michigan photo booth rental company that offers both digital and physical images so you get the best of both worlds. Many people including us prefer the best of both, digital and physical photos at events.

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8. Props

With many different prop choices it’s not always easy to choose between a fake mustache, silly signs, glasses, a boa, and other props, but resist the urge to pile all of the props on at once. You want to make sure everyone knows who is in the picture! But showing restraint doesn’t have to ruin your fun. You can return as many times as you want with Dramatic Dimensions photobooth rental so just jump in again with more friends, different props, or pose.

photobooth rental with props in michigan

9. Photos are Great Favors

Photo booth strips make one of the best wedding favors and for a little something extra, include a photo booth acrylic frame or Magnet Frame as well. We offer picture frames as an add-on to any packages, see if your photo booth company. Your guests will love it! We can even create custom thank you insert to place in the photo frame at each place setting on the tables.

rent photo booth Detroit Michigan- photo booth layouts with props 2x2

10. Use the Photo Booth

We recommend scheduling some time to visit the photo booth in your timeline or assign someone with the job of pulling you into the photo booth. If you can use the photo booth at the beginning of your event do it before you forget about it. You’d be surprised how many newlyweds and event hosts forget to use the photo booth at their event. Don’t let this happen to you!

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